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3 Gen Z Trends Marketers Should Watch in 2024

3 Gen Z Trends Marketers Should Watch in 2024

In 2023, like every generation before them, Gen Z proved themselves to be different from previous cohorts. And marketers are obsessed.

With an estimated spending power of $360 billion and an increasing sphere of influence (41 million Gen Zers will be eligible to vote in the 2024 U.S. elections), it’s little wonder brands are keen get the demographic on their side.

Here are three key trends that will define how marketers engage with Gen Z in 2024.

1. Gen Z aren’t really ‘Googling it’

Gen Z are increasingly using TikTok as a search engineiStock

Research published in 2023 from ecommerce company Jungle Scout found Gen Z are more likely to turn to Amazon, TikTok or YouTube for search queries, rather than traditional platforms like Google.

Over the last 12 months, Instagram and TikTok launched search advertising products, meaning social search will become a bigger priority for marketers in 2024.

According to TikTok global head of business marketing Sofia Hernandez, brands should expect to see more TikTok ad product launches rooted in discovery over the next 12 months.

In the platform’s What’s Next Trend Report for 2024, which explores behaviors within the platform’s community, data showed TikTok’s largely young audience are curious, especially when it comes to seeking out new experiences and topics: 44% of users came to TikTok with a goal, but ended up discovering something they didn’t expect.

“People come to TikTok with a specific query in mind, but then they go on other routes and discover new products, life hacks, recipes and so on,” Hernandez explained, saying she hoped to see more brands lean into this in 2024.

In its report, TikTok highlighted a Clinique UK campaign that relied on these concepts of search and serendipity.  

Using TikTok’s Search Ads Toggle, the brand teamed up with creators to endorse its latest product lines. Its success in driving consideration through search translated to a 441% increase in conversion rate and a 51% increase in clickthrough rate, according to the platform.

This trend shows there’s an opportunity for brands to show up during moments of discovery to capture Gen Z at the start of their journey.