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8 Effective Video Marketing Tips For Growing Your Business

8 Effective Video Marketing Tips For Growing Your Business

Video marketing is an excellent way to impact buying behaviour while persuading visitors to convert into leads.

According to statistics, 54 per cent of consumers want to see more video content from businesses or brands they support. 84 per cent of marketing experts also use a video marketing tool because they believe in the potential of video content to grow their business. Adding videos to your email marketing campaigns increases click-through rates.

Videos attract many longer page views, which is excellent for search engines because they love content that engages users. Video marketing is a sure way to build your company and brand personality, helping you connect with viewers while earning their trust.

Videos encourage social shares, increasing brand awareness and reach. This article outlines the best video marketing tips for growing your business.

Work with a video production company

1. Work with a video production company

Integrating video marketing into your marketing strategy is an excellent step to adding value to your business. Since consumers utilize your content to familiarize themselves with your brand’s personality, having high video production standards enhances their first impression of your business.

Corporate video production companies have skills that you might not have in-house, including developing and planning ideas, using advanced equipment to shoot videos, producing high-quality audio, leveraging lighting to catch a video’s feel, and utilizing video editing tools. This helps create high-quality videos that give your business more traction.

Creating videos yourself may take hours, and due to a lack of skills, you end up with unappealing or unprofessional content, wasting precious business time. Professional video production companies such as video production Sydney complete your videos without time wastage and with high standards.

Working with a video production company lets you maintain content style consistency while helping bring new creative ideas and insightful opinions that help build your company. When done right, your video’s message, visuals, and story increase audience engagement and customer feedback which you can use to expand your business.

2. Leverage live video

Live stream marketing involves broadcasting to a live audience on social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Live video is an excellent way to engage your customers and prospects while encouraging them to take action. It also increases sales intent and strengthens brand association. To ensure impactful marketing videos, know your target audience and the social media platforms they spend most of their time on.

Since live stream marketing isn’t costly, it makes it easier for your business to secure ROI. With live footage streaming, you are assured of an instant connection with your audience.

Consider promoting your live stream to increase viewership. You can do so by announcing it on social media, posting in communities, sharing details in a podcast, posting teaser videos, and more. You can introduce new products, broadcast an event, do demonstrations, or collaborate with influencers to intensify your brand’s message using live video content.

3. Invest in video SEO

Video SEO involves optimizing video content for indexing and ranking on SERPs for relevant keyword searches.

Optimizing your videos for search enables your business to climb high in organic search results, get more out of your website content, reach users across various channels, build brand trust, increase social engagement, generate more traffic for your videos, and increase leads.

When optimizing your videos for search, pick the right video hosting platform, insert video transcripts, ensure engaging thumbnail images, and focus on your video’s title and description.

Ensure that the rest of your pages resonate with your video and are optimized for SEO. If you have several videos on a page, embed the one you want to rank on the first page and avoid embedding the same video in several places. Make your video the page’s focus to increase crawlability.

Since SEO is difficult to control and always changing, leveraging paid video advertising can help increase video views and clicks.

Set your video marketing goals

4. Set your video marketing goals

Defining your video marketing goals helps guide every step of your advertising campaign.

Video marketing can help you achieve three customer journey stages: awareness, decision, and consideration. It is essential to determine which of these three you want your videos to fit into. You can also use your videos to increase and maintain retention.

Ensure your video marketing goals are SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. If you are a video production company, your goal could be increasing brand awareness and attracting new customers, which you can achieve using a video series teaching your audience how to build better video content.

5. Know your target audience and find ways to reach them

Your video marketing efforts won’t bear fruit unless you target the right audience.

Knowing your customer deepens your understanding of their needs and increases your video strategy’s effectiveness. It also helps you understand how you’ll communicate with them via video, the language you’ll use, and the content type they are likely to engage with.

Your target customer’s age, interests, gender, habits, employment, geographical location, marital status, and more are the key elements to consider for a successful video marketing strategy.

Once you find your target audience, leverage all social media platforms to determine the ones with the most engagement and focus on them. You can also take advantage of social media intelligence tools, speak your audience’s language, find the video format they love, and stick to it to power your social media video marketing strategy.

6. Create short videos

Marketing videos should be two minutes or less. However, the length may vary depending on channel, industry, use case, and where in your sales or marketing funnel it fits.

Short videos are an excellent way to capture your target audience’s emotions while personalizing your brand. They offer a medium for users to consume information in the shortest time possible before losing attention.

Short-form videos promote higher engagement, create memorable content by eliminating fluff that adds no value to the video’s theme, rank higher in SERPs, increase email open rates, and more.

Short videos are great for marketing because they require low production time, consumers prefer quality over quantity, align with several social media platforms, and are ideal for on-the-go audiences. Add subtitles and emotional touch to ensure effectiveness in your short videos.

Since each platform has a varying engagement algorithm, transform your videos for each channel to attract maximum target audience numbers.

7. Leverage user-generated content

User-generated content is an excellent way to execute marketing campaigns. Its content is developed and shared by users depending on their opinions, experiences, customer feedback, online reviews, product videos, photos, or ideas.

User-generated content should be relevant to your brand. Since it is honest and experience-driven, user-generated content is more trustworthy, authentic, and reliable.

This content type is essential for a successful video marketing campaign because it increases reach and exposure, highlights social proof, ensures content diversity and creativity, showcases brand advocacy, and creates unlimited content flow. User-generated content increases conversions and revenue enhances user engagement and helps build an emotional connection with users while building an online community.

8. Consider video storytelling

Video storytelling is a powerful way to ensure your marketing content stands out.

It is an excellent way to make your brand more memorable because it is easier to recall something from a story than a long list of features, entice your target audience to buy from you, build a deeper emotional relationship with your audience, secure more sales and lead to repeat business. Your storytelling videos should feature your customer as the hero and have compelling plotlines.

Video Marketing Tips For Growing Your Business

Video Marketing Tips For Growing Your Business

Video marketing enables companies to engage better with their audience, increase brand awareness and reach, improve lead generation, and boost conversions. Use these video marketing tips to grow your brand in 2023:

  • Work with a video production company
  • Set your video marketing goals
  • Know your target audience and find ways to reach them
  • Leverage user-generated content
  • Consider video storytelling