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EJ’s secret Domo sauce: Approvals

EJ’s secret Domo sauce: Approvals

At EJ, we are employing the Approvals location for our internal Domo ask for technique. Prior to utilizing this solution, we knowledgeable challenges with business and transparency of incoming Domo requests. Requests ended up submitted by way of numerous areas like Buzz, e mail, messaging, mobile phone calls, and other interior firm methods.

Sometimes, duplication of perform was expert when requests were despatched to multiple customers. Thanks to security limitations knowledgeable even though working with the Tasks and Responsibilities spot of Domo, we have been missing a way to manage requests and deliver transparency to individuals concerned. When Approvals was launched in our occasion, we observed this as an opportunity to centralize requests in one place. 

Approvals were designed for acceptance workflows. Nevertheless, with the customizable templates, it has worked nicely to renovate into a tailor-made request method. Any licensed Domo consumer has the capacity to enter an Approval for a request.

Five Approval templates were designed in our instance to include the main request varieties we get, and an supplemental sixth option—”General Domo Request”—is out there for any requests that do not drop into a person of the other types.

Every single template is personalized to involve inquiries unique to the matter. For illustration, “New Consumer Request” features required fields for identify, email, and protection/obtain demands. And “New/Modified Report Request” can backlink right to webpages or playing cards. These templates demand the essential information upfront, lowering the back and forth communications to retrieve incomplete data for a request.   

By default, approvals are routed to the admin group for assessment. Once in the admin queue, requests are reviewed and then assigned to an particular person admin or power user that will be accountable for finishing the ask for. Reassigning enables users to know who is working on the request. After the request has been accomplished, it is authorized and a notification is mechanically sent to the initial requester. 

The answers furnished by a centralized request program have solved our prior difficulties and delivered many added benefits. The feedback space on every ask for is used to organize conversations and @ mention directly to articles inside of Domo.

Buyers have the ability to insert observers or approval end users to an specific request, which presents elevated transparency to their workforce. This process solves the challenge of requests coming by means of several units, allowing for much better group and prioritization.

A different advantage is the capacity to generate DataFlows on the Acceptance technique itself, so we can generate dashboards tracking the circulation of approval procedures. 

Finally, making use of Approvals for our inner Domo ask for method allows us to arrange and deal with requests efficiently with a a lot quicker turnaround, ensuing in an increased person experience.