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Exciting New Features in Dynamics 365 Guides

Exciting New Features in Dynamics 365 Guides

Dynamics 365 Guides is back with a bang, introducing three game-changing features in Version 9.0. Let’s dive right into how these improvements are making mixed reality training and collaboration a breeze.

  1. Object Anchors: The Future of Precision Object Anchors are the highlight of this update. Say goodbye to QR codes and physical markers; now, you can instruct your HoloLens 2 to recognize objects and overlay holographic content on them with pinpoint precision. Object Anchors, now generally available, are a result of refining spatial computing technology to minimize positional drift, offering you a 2-centimeter resolution for superior accuracy, perfect for smaller objects.
  2. Scan Quality Control: Reliability at Your Fingertips Scan Quality Control ensures that your scans are accurate by requiring a higher level of detail. Authors can set the minimum scan percentage needed for scans to proceed, resulting in more consistent and reliable scans for your guides.
  3. Improved Positioning: Better Than Ever Positioning large objects in your guides is now more precise, with improved center-point calculation. Additionally, Dynamics 365 Guides now excels at detecting dark and reflective objects, providing more versatility and accuracy in your projects.
  4. Packaged Guides: Easy Sharing Packaging your guides is as simple as zipping up a file. This feature makes sharing guides a breeze while preserving a point-in-time saved version of your guide. Remember, shared guides are view-only.
  5. Switching Environments: Enhanced Versatility Switching environments, a once-exclusive feature for HoloLens 2, is now available for PC users. Seamlessly switch between environments, simplifying your workflow and improving administrative oversight.

Dynamics 365 Guides Version 9.0 marks a significant step forward in mixed reality technology, offering precision, reliability, and versatility. With Object Anchors, Scan Quality Control, improved positioning, Packaged Guides, and the ability to switch environments, mixed reality training, maintenance, and collaboration have never been more efficient. Stay ahead with Dynamics 365 Guides, your key to success in the digital age.