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How to get the old version of TweetDeck back

How to get the old version of TweetDeck back

The “old” TweetDeck has had a (likely temporary) stay of execution, with users now able to manually revert back to the version they’ve grown accustomed to through the years.

How long this will be possible for, though, remains to be seen.

The reprieve comes in the form of a “TweetDeck version” option in the users’ settings, which allows those who were unceremoniously forced onto the new TweetDeck to roll back the clock.

TweetDeck: Revert to old version

TweetDeck: Revert to old version Image Credits: TechCrunch

Back from the brink

Twitter has been dabbling with a TweetDeck refresh for years, though users that opted in to the new incarnation in the past were able to reverse course if they didn’t like the new experience (which was seemingly most people). But with Elon Musk entering the fray last October and pushing to monetize through subscriptions and premium features, concerns had started to grow about what the future might hold for TweetDeck, a Twitter application and dashboard for power users to manage multiple Twitter accounts more effectively.

As Twitter started messing around with read-limits last week, this broke TweetDeck for millions of users who were later shoehorned onto the new TweetDeck with little obvious way of opting out. Over the weekend, some users reported seeing an option to revert back to the old TweetDeck, and it appears at some point that this option was returned to the settings menu for anyone to manually make the change.

At any rate, TweetDeck will soon only be available to paying users, at which point it’s not clear whether subscribers will still be able to choose between the old or the new TweetDeck.

For now though, the TweetDeck of old is back from the brink, so enjoy it while you can.