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How to Use Wristbands for Your Next Event

How to Use Wristbands for Your Next Event


Hosting a large event isn’t easy, and one of the biggest challenges of hosting an event is crowd control. You have to keep track of attendees, know who is and isn’t a VIP, identify attendees old enough to drink alcohol, and just generally manage the crowd. You might need to collect data on who’s going to what parts of the event, as well as track how many attendees are inside the venue and how many more can be let in.

Often, event organizers tackle these challenges with custom wristbands. Using wristbands for crowd control and attendance tracking at your next event is easy. All you have to do is choose the right kind of wristband. Make sure it’s not something that people can take off and swap around. If you need to identify VIPs or alcohol drinkers, choose wristbands in different colors. You can even use custom wristbands to promote your event and future events like it.

Choose a Durable Wristband

The most important thing to consider when you’re choosing custom wristbands for your event is durability. Paper wristbands can be fine for a short event, like a concert or a show that only lasts one evening. However, paper wristbands can easily be torn and perhaps even illicitly transferred to an outsider.

You need to go with something more durable. You can get custom Tyvek wristbands, fabric wristbands, vinyl wristbands, or silicone wristbands. Choose the type of material you want your wristbands to be made of based on the type of event you’re hosting and how long it’s going to last. If you’re hosting a multi-day event, like a music festival or a business conference, you’ll want to prioritize attendees’ comfort as well as the durability of the wristbands. Choose a lightweight Tyvek or vinyl wristband – these can withstand moisture, UV rays, and spoilage to hold up to a few days’ use.

Make Sure Your Custom Wristbands Can’t Be Transferred

When you’re putting on a big event, you have to be vigilant against outsiders who want to crash the event, either to participate for free or, more nefariously, to do some kind of harm to the event attendees, speakers performers, and staff. Using a custom wristband that can’t easily be removed from one wearer’s wrist and placed around another person’s wrist can help boost security to keep miscreants of all kinds out of your event.

Tyvek wristbands typically fasten using adhesive and cannot be removed except by cutting. Vinyl and fabric wristbands typically have locking snaps or buckles that prevent wearers from removing them intact to transfer to another person. Give out wristbands at your event instead of tickets – they’re less likely to be lost and cannot be transferred.

Use Different Colors for Different Levels of Attendees

If you have VIPs at your event, or you’re running an all-ages event where you need to be able to easily distinguish between those who are old enough to drink and those who aren’t, you should use color-coded wristbands. An easily identifiable color for a VIP wristband, for example, can make it easy to identify those patrons at a glance, so you can give them the preferential treatment they’ve paid for. You can use another color band to identify people who are underage for drinking purposes.

You can even purchase custom wristbands with radio frequency identification (RFID) capabilities that you can use to easily track event attendance or gather data on how many people are patronizing which parts of your event. RFID bracelets can also be used as cashless point-of-sale devices, allowing attendees to easily make purchases inside the event.

Promote Your Event

Custom wristbands also present you with the opportunity to promote your event or future events like it. Fabric and silicone wristbands are especially useful for this because they’re durable enough for attendees to keep wearing as fashion statements long after your event has passed. Silicone and fabric event wristbands can be printed with your event name, year, and slogan to promote brand awareness and promote your event in much the same way as any other branded merchandise.

However, often silicone and fabric wristbands are easier to transfer from one person’s wrist to another. Consider whether your event security allows for the possibility of outsiders gaining access through a wristband. RFID tracking, or numbering or barcoding on the wristband, can help prevent this.

When you’re hosting a big event, you need custom wristbands to track attendees and maintain security. With the right wristbands, your next event could be your best ever!

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