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HubSpot Service Hub Review (2023)

HubSpot Service Hub Review (2023)

Simply put, HubSpot Service Hub enables companies to connect with their customer base and provide them with an exceptional customer service experience from start to finish.

This includes tools such as:

  • Tickets
  • Customer portals
  • Feedback surveys
  • Live chat
  • Knowledge base
  • Reporting and analytics

They offer free tools, which we thought was great. Plus, their Starter plan only costs $45/month.

We got started by signing up with their Service Hub Starter plan and hit the ground rolling.

Other HubSpot Hubs

In addition to HubSpot Service Hub, the platform also offers a suite of other Hubs that covers everything from marketing and sales to customer service.

HubSpot provides an all-in-one platform for managing business needs and streamlining your processes.

We personally loved the fact that it allows us to easily access customer data from all parts of the platform and that we can have an updated view of our customer’s journey.

HubSpot offers the following additional tools:

  • HubSpot Marketing Hub
  • HubSpot Sales Hub
  • HubSpot CMS Hub
  • HubSpot Operations Hub

Let’s get into our overview of each.

HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot’s Marketing Hub covers everything you need to run your online marketing campaigns.

It provides a range of tools such as:

  • Reporting and analytics
  • Marketing email tools
  • Campaigns
  • Lead Capture

These features help you stay on top of your campaigns while offering key insights into customer behavior and preferences.

It also offers native integration with other platforms like Slack and Zoom for easy collaboration.

We especially found their email marketing tools to be easy to use and intuitive.

We were able to quickly add our logo and create a template for a hypothetical email campaign. We added our social media links and website URL with just the click of a button. In terms of ease of use, HubSpot’s Marketing Hub is fantastic.

HubSpot Service Hub Review (2023)

HubSpot Sales Hub

Sales Hub is a CRM platform designed to help businesses automate sales activities, speed up deal cycles, and get more out of their sales efforts.

It includes features such as:

  • Deals manager
  • Forecast capabilities
  • Tasks function
  • Payment tracker

It helps sales reps stay organized and on top of their deals.

Plus, you can keep track of leads from multiple sources in one place.

We created some hypothetical deals with just a few clicks.

We were able to select and sort by the following metrics:

  • Deal stage
  • Close Date
  • Deal Owner
  • Amount

HubSpot Service Hub -Deals

HubSpot CMS Hub

HubSpot’s CMS (Content Management Software) Hub allows you to manage your website content and customize it the way you want.

The site walked us through a 5-minute setup process and we were ready to go.

We had the ability to customize our template with the following:

It was quick and easy to get started.

Here’s an example of some of the customization options.

HubSpot Service Hub -CMS

The CMS Hub had a user-friendly interface that even a beginner user could navigate with ease.

HubSpot Operations Hub

Operations Hub is the perfect tool for streamlining your business operations and making sure all processes are running smoothly.

It essentially helps to manage your data between multiple systems and makes sure everyone is on the same page.

It includes features such as:

  • Data Bridge (to connect multiple systems)
  • Integrations with other platforms
  • Analytics & reporting tools

We integrated the site with Mailchimp and honestly found it to have quite a few bugs in this particular case.

The most common issue was our team email not updating or loading in real-time. We were able to get assistance with their live chat feature, however, it was frustrating not being able to rely on instant updates.

HubSpot Service Hub - Integrations