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Leveraging The Power Of AI As A Small Business

Leveraging The Power Of AI As A Small Business

Shoaib Aslam, CEO & Founder of Start My Business.

Starting and managing a small business can be an exciting journey, but it often involves significant marketing challenges due to limited resources. Small-business owners struggle to compete with larger enterprises’ marketing capabilities and budgets. As the CEO of a super app for SME services, I have seen firsthand how small businesses can use AI to level the playing field and achieve growth.

Revolutionizing Small-Business Operations With AI

As an owner of multiple businesses, I’ve experienced the significant impact of generative AI on small businesses. At EventsX, we’ve used AI to analyze attendee behavior, predict demand and create personalized recommendations. This has improved our marketing campaigns and boosted attendance and revenue. At StartMyBusiness, we’ve leveraged AI to automate tasks, identify growth opportunities and scale more efficiently.

To remain competitive, here are some applications of generative AI for small-business marketing that I’ve personally found successful:

Optimize Marketing On A Budget

Small businesses usually look to optimize their marketing on a budget. Leveraging the power of generative AI to create content (without breaking the bank) can be a useful step in the process. At StartMyBusiness, we have embraced this technology to optimize our marketing efforts and create high-quality content for our marketing channels. This has allowed us to produce more content in less time, freeing up resources for other essential tasks.

Blend AI With Human Insight For Website Content

As a business owner, creating high-quality copy is vital. While outsourcing to a copywriter can be expensive, AI-powered tools have helped us generate consistent content while saving time and money. However, AI-generated content has limitations and lacks a human copywriter’s personal touch. Therefore, we use human copywriters for crucial aspects like landing pages and promotional materials, combining AI and human expertise to ensure consistent, high-quality, cost-effective website copy.

Enhance Email Marketing Campaigns

Using an AI language model like ChatGPT can make creating engaging emails quick and easy, saving you time. Leveraging the power of AI, we have improved our email marketing campaigns by creating engaging copy. We’ve found that using AI in email marketing can lead to increased engagement and conversions, freeing up time and resources while still delivering high-quality content.

Our experience has shown that personalization and automation are crucial to success in email marketing. We recommend that small-business leaders consider how they can use AI-powered tools to enhance their email campaigns and achieve success.

Generate Social Media Content

Creating engaging social media content is essential to build your brand and connect with your audience, but it can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. With ChatGPT, you can generate attention-grabbing copy in just minutes, making it a valuable tool for businesses looking to streamline their social media strategy.

Our team has leveraged AI to create compelling content that resonates with our target audience. Using generative AI, we’ve saved time and resources, allowing us to focus on other critical aspects of our business.

Things To Consider

Generative AI, like ChatGPT, can aid small businesses in enhancing their marketing, but several factors should be evaluated before using AI language models. While generative AI can create content, ensuring the model’s reliability and accuracy is crucial to avoid negative brand impact.

Moreover, balancing AI-generated and human-generated content is necessary to maintain a consistent brand voice and a personal touch. Thus, small businesses should consider these factors to avoid potential pitfalls.

AI Can Generate Wrong Answers

Generative AI can be impressive but not infallible and may generate incorrect answers or inaccurate facts. Double-checking AI-generated responses is crucial for accuracy and relevance. Despite this, generative AI can streamline operations and enhance customer experiences. Chatbots and content creation are examples of leveraging generative AI, but a human review is necessary to ensure accuracy and appropriateness.

While generative AI can save time and resources, caution is essential to verify accuracy and suitability for the intended purpose.

AI Has Bias Baked Into Its System

While impressive in its ability to generate human-like text, AI has biases baked into its system as it’s trained on the collective writing of humans worldwide found on the internet. This means that the same biases present in the real world can also appear in the model, potentially leading to racial or gender bias in its responses.

To ensure that AI-generated content aligns with a brand’s values and ethics, reviewing all content and training the AI model on existing content to reduce bias and improve accuracy is essential. By taking these steps, businesses can leverage the power of AI while remaining inclusive and ethical.

Free Doesn’t Always Work

As a business owner, I have experienced the benefits of leveraging generative AI in various applications. Although some AI engines offer a free tier, it’s important to remember that they may not always be reliable, especially with the increasing popularity of AI. Free AI engines may experience timeouts during busy periods, making them inaccessible to users.

Therefore, having a contingency plan and investing in a reliable AI engine to meet your business needs is crucial. My team found that investing in a paid AI engine improved our productivity and efficiency.

Could Search Engines Penalize AI Content?

Small businesses may wonder if using AI-generated content will result in a penalty from Google. Still, the search engine giant has clarified that high-quality and relevant content is its top priority, regardless of whether humans or machines create it. While AI-generated content is acceptable if it meets these standards, manipulating search engine rankings with automation or AI is against Google’s spam policies.

Therefore, small businesses should prioritize producing valuable content for their audience instead of relying solely on AI-generated. As a business owner, my team and I use AI-generated content to optimize our website’s content and achieve better search engine rankings while creating valuable and relevant content for our audience.

In Summary

AI language models have the potential to help small businesses optimize their marketing, but such models have limitations such as generating incorrect answers, bias and reliability issues. It’s essential to evaluate the potential risks and benefits. Despite these limitations, AI language models have the potential to create engaging social media content, blog posts and email marketing campaigns—with human oversight, that is.

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