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LOBO Systems’ Strategy for Global Client Onboarding within the Automated Distribution Sector

LOBO Systems’ Strategy for Global Client Onboarding within the Automated Distribution Sector

LOBO Systems’ has developed a strategy for global client onboarding to explore new international business opportunities, within the Automated Distribution sector.

This strategy is aimed at companies with a global customer base. Initially, the onboarding process will be rolled out to European and North American companies, followed by the other continents.  While the selection process is open to all, the focus will initially be on automated distribution and logistics companies.

As the world increasingly relies on e-commerce, retail, wholesale, and manufacturing companies are turning to automation as a solution due to a labour shortage and the need for efficient processes. Logistics Management’s recent survey shows that 60% of businesses plan to invest in new equipment or upgrade their systems within the next 12 months. Automation has significant benefits, including enhancing productivity, reducing operational costs, and minimising errors and downtime.

LOBO’s onboarding process will commence by inviting manufacturers and users of automation systems to participate with the overall goal of increasing and reducing outsourced labour costs.

To engage with global companies with multiple locations, LOBO will apply a global process to offer consistency across all locations. A one-stop shop has proven to work well with many companies, providing productivity gains.

This process includes proof of concept and compliance with local country regulations and using the LOBO Technical Manual to gain complete customer knowledge of the system’s capabilities. By integrating with the existing purchasing system there is the option for additional LOBO kits/components and certified training courses, in multiple languages, to be delivered directly or from authorised training partners.

As a first step, each location will receive a free online product demonstration. This will enable them to fully understand the product and see its true capabilities. LOBO will then create a bespoke drawing using the Visio Design platform Tool. This will include ongoing configuration and technical support from the team. Finally, LOBO will divide its approach between existing and new locations to ensure a suitable account management function.

For more information on our product or training courses, please visit our website: www.lobosystems.com or call + 44 (0)1332 365666 & North America 1-800-640-5492.

About LOBO:

LOBO is a leader in the Work Platform industry, providing innovative solutions designed to meet its customers’ needs. With a focus on innovation, LOBO constantly develops new and improved Work Platform systems that offer enhanced safety, efficiency, and versatility.

One of the key features of the LOBO Work Platform is its modular design, which allows for quick and easy setup and takedown. This makes the LOBO Work Platform ideal for multiple applications, from construction and maintenance to painting and cleaning. In addition, the LOBO Work Platform is highly customisable, allowing customers to configure their work platform systems to meet their specific needs.