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Local businesses “weathering the storm” following flooding and water damage

Local businesses “weathering the storm” following flooding and water damage

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.—It’s that time of year, where shoppers are snagging some deals the day after Christmas.

State Street was filled with tourists and locals supporting small businesses and the weekly farmer’s market.

For some small business owners, sales are soaring.

But other businesses haven’t been so lucky.

Following last week’s storms, many retailers have been hit hard with significant water damage.

“During the second day of the storm, our building flooded from underneath in the basement. So we moved inventory from downstairs to upstairs. And then like a couple hours later, two parts of our ceiling caved in from the water, just like letting in a whole bunch of water to the store,” said “Creations” Store Manager Jacob Rosenberg.

“Things were soaking wet, water coming from the ceiling. It was just very wild and surprising. Shocking. So it took me a good two days to get the store back open. And it was just upsetting because it was a really busy time. But I was able to open right before Christmas. And it’s been good since. So I’m grateful for that,” said “Miss Behavin’” Store Owner Kelly Scott.

A lot of businesses are hoping sales during the final stretch between now and the new year will help them recoup the money lost from the storm’s aftermath.