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OGSM — Objectives, Goals, Strategies, Measures

OGSM — Objectives, Goals, Strategies, Measures

OGSM — Objectives, Goals, Strategies, Measures

Zig Ziglar said “If you purpose at nothing at all, you will hit it each individual time.”

How many of you have no approach and no ambitions?

How several of you have aims and targets but no plan on how to realize them?

One particular far more question and this is the most significant. How quite a few of you have aims and a prepare, but do not evaluate the results and actively share them? This is no distinct than the two groups that eventually make it to the Superbowl only to locate out there is no scoreboard, no timeclock, no down marker, practically nothing to evaluate how just about every team is doing and who is profitable.

Really don’t undervalue the worth of Aims, Plans, Tactics, and Actions. They travel effects. They present a roadmap for the firm. They also present clarity to just about every one personnel.

Study far more about business arranging and how to create ambitions your whole firm will guidance.


In this website:

  • I will outline and give examples of targets, objectives, approaches, and measures
  • Share an instance of an OGSM playbook
  • What you need to do with your OGSM playbook and who really should you share it with


Targets are a clearly written quick assertion about what the organization wants to accomplish.

Some examples consist of:

  • Develop gross earnings YOY by lowering COGS
  • Acquire market place share
  • Drop weight and are living a balanced life


Objectives explain what winning appears to be like.

Some illustrations consist of:

  • Buying section will lessen content costs by 10% YOY
  • Gross sales will receive $20M in new enterprise in 2023
  • Get rid of 25 lbs. by 12-31-2023

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Describes how just about every human being or group will carry out the aims. (This is not the exact same as organizational tactic)

Some examples involve:

  • Acquiring will send out RFQ for inbound freight to 4 distinct transportation providers by Jan 21
  • Profits will take a look at 10 new prospective clients each thirty day period for every salesperson
  • Invest in a clever check out with calorie counter and physical/slumber activity tracker


Steps are just what the title implies. It needs to have a quantitative amount. It is essential to define how the evaluate is calculated and where and when the knowledge is accessed.

Some examples include things like:

  • 10% progress in GP YOY. Reduce product costs by 10% YOY
  • Insert 5% marketplace share YOY. Convey on $20M new business enterprise in 2023. Pay a visit to 10 prospects for every thirty day period per salesperson
  • <1200 calories per day. 30 minutes exercise 5 times a week. Weigh 175 Lbs. by 12-31-2023.



I’m sure one of the first things the Kansas City Chiefs gave Patrick Mahomes was a play book. A play book contains much more information and data that just x’s and o’s. It provides an outline what you want to achieve and how you are going to do it. In other words, it shows you what winning looks like! Below is a play book containing the examples I shared above. It is the perfect tool to share with existing employees and new employees.

The majority of items should be updated once a year during your planning process. The one section that may need to be updated/changed throughout the year is the (S). The strategies. You may find out that something isn’t working or you may think of a new way of accomplishing a task.

You should share the actual results with all employees on at least a monthly basis. Share the measures in a plan vs actual model. Share how the organization is performing on strategies using a red, yellow, green visual.


OGSM Chart (2)



I encourage all organizations to implement this simple process into their High-Involvement Planning. It is a simple tool that provides everyone with clarity about what needs to be done to be successful. I’ll end with another quote from a college professor from the 1930’s who studied motivation and organizational behavior, “An objective without a plan is a dream”

Turn your dream into reality with this simple OGSM model.


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