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Ramon’s 6 Content Creation and Amplification Tips

Ramon’s 6 Content Creation and Amplification Tips

Use information to close the trust gap

Pay attention to the accompanying PODCAST below. Initial recorded reside on Clubhouse.

The more men and women have faith in you the more they’ll want to get from you or refer enterprise to you.

John Jantsch talks about the electricity of “know, like and trust” in his guide “Duct Tape Marketing”

Be absolutely sure to evidently realize WHO you serve, what their Problem or Need is and Where by they are.

You can get my book, “Celeb CEO” (to understand more about private branding).

Written content Curation

Prior to you can share material you have to obtain written content.

You want to curate articles from many supplys and share it with your neighborhood.

You can also use this content to spark your possess tips and create your personal authentic content material as perfectly.

Ramon collects information all week extensive.  As he browses sites he bookmarks one-way links. A ton of these web sites come to him by using the several electronic mail newsletters he will get.

Tip – Ramon receives email newsletters despatched to [email protected] and filters them to a independent folder so he can go through them later on.

Sharing Articles

Now that you have collected and curated your articles, there are a variety of tools and ways to share your articles on social media

You can use Agora Pulse, Buffer, HootSuite, and other equipment. Use these resources to plan and/or drip out your social media shares.

As you share information on social media, never just share the content material but set YOUR spin on it.

Your 3 – 5 words and phrases of perception appropriate ahead of the original put up.

See beneath, I did not just share the put up, I additional a remark ABOUT the publish. I extra my possess rapid “spin” to it.

Social post

Social Tales

Just about just about every morning I submit to Instagram and Fb tales.

Making use of stories puts your information 1st and foremost at the Top of your community’s feed.

If you produce Superior information, people will WANT to hear from you.

Ramon has found that social Stories are highly effective. They are taken down right after 24 hrs and produce anticipation and curiosity within your group.

Your Admirers who truly like your content and want to listen to from you will dive appropriate in!

Social stories

E mail newsletter

An electronic mail newsletter is s should. Ramon has a weekly e mail newsletter on Thursdays. He also has an e-mail that goes out on Sunday which is a wrap-up of content from SmasrtHustle.com

Auto electronic mail e-newsletter

I use a device like Feedbolt , an “RSS to EMAIL” app to vehicle curate all SmartHustle.com material to an email publication. You can do this also!


A further e-mail publication “hack” is to place your electronic mail e-newsletter into a campaign so all wonderful information goes to absolutely everyone and you don’t scramble for content. Ramon makes use of Keap for his e-mail marketing campaign.

For example, let us say that I shed my car keys and realized a valuable lesson from it. I can set that in my e-mail e-newsletter Marketing campaign. This insight is practical for somebody studying it the Day right after I publish it and the calendar year soon after much too.

Don’t squander written content.

Phase your e mail record

Ramon’s electronic mail contains his local community of countless numbers but also more compact segments:

  • Aspiration 100 (a curated list of folks Ramon wants to create a enterprise with and/or do the job with). Principles very first listened to from Chet Holmes,
  • Leads – who have expressed curiosity in turning out to be clients.
  • Shoppers – recent buyers
  • and many others


Good quality images are essential.

Everybody can use Canva, but are you applying Canva the Proper WAY?

Spend for the premium version of Canva so you can use bigger-quality inventory photos.

Use templates to more rapidly develop long term graphic belongings.

Web site withWord Push

I imagine everyone should have a website. Preferably, you’re running a blog on a WordPress system as it has so much more overall flexibility and capabilities. Nevertheless, you can even site working with LinkedIn, Medium, Substack, and other platforms.

Producing a weblog is a highly effective way to leverage Search engine optimization via Google research.

Search engine optimisation is one particular of the MOST critical ways to have inbound targeted traffic to your material.

How to create weblog content material

  • Develop the written content on your have. Like this site, you’re reading through. I’ve typed every one term of it.
  • Consider using a weblog creating services like Contentfly to support you create content. You post the headline and a short overview of what you want the article to be about. Inside of a several times (or a lot less) Conentfly will get the posting to you, carried out from 1 of their writers.
  • Contributed material, from other folks.
  • Hire a blogger to publish written content for your website

WordPress Content material Equipment

  • Use Co-routine to agenda and share your posts on social media, from in WordPress
  • Yoast to maximize Seo to support you be certain each short article is Search engine optimisation optimized.
  • Ramon also employed an Seo optimization specialist to help do Search engine optimization even superior
  • A content calendar can be useful to aid you systematize your content material generation and amplification

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You can duplicate and past this…

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