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Small businesses stay ahead of the curve

Small businesses stay ahead of the curve

Main Street businesses deserve their due

For National Small Business Week, let’s acknowledge the tenacity and grit of Main Street businesses across the country. They are the backbone of our economy and the soul of our communities. Small businesses are nearly 40% of the country’s GDP, and they create about two-thirds of all new jobs, employing nearly half of all private sector workers in the US.

When you picture a small business, maybe you conjure the classic image of a brick and mortar storefront with an “open” sign hanging in the window. While many businesses today maintain this nostalgic exterior, a closer look reveals that they’re constantly evolving and innovating to keep up with the world around them.

In a fast-changing world, it’s adapt or die. And now more than ever, small businesses face this reality with a host of new obstacles in front of them. Starting with the slow recovery from the pandemic, to its resulting labor shortage among hourly workers, to fast-rising inflation, to a looming recession. And on top of all this, competition from big business has never been more fierce. 

But small businesses are mighty and rise to the challenge. With grit and determination, Main Street is constantly modernizing; there’s no other option. With tools like Homebase in their arsenal, small businesses can build unstoppable hourly teams so they can face their greatest challenges head on, keep up with the competition, and even stay ahead of the curve. 

What does the data say?

To mark National Small Business Week, we’re shining a light on the tenacity of small business owners as they rise to economic challenges with new research research from our latest study survey 550+ small businesses.

Here’s what we learned…

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