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Strategy to Reach Your True North with Jimmy Newson » Succeed As Your Own Boss

Strategy to Reach Your True North with Jimmy Newson » Succeed As Your Own Boss

Strategy to Reach Your True North with Jimmy Newson Featured ImageAs a business and growth strategy consultant, Jimmy Newson has worked with organizations of all sizes, but his specialty is working with small businesses and entrepreneurs. He founded Moving Forward Small Business, a membership-based organization that helps companies grow and achieve their goals through practical and actionable advice. Additionally, Jimmy has strategic partnerships with private, government, and nonprofit organizations, leveraging his extensive network and experience to provide businesses with comprehensive solutions for their needs. Find out more at movingforwardsmallbusiness.com

Today, we will discuss strategy from every angle you can imagine, and I have Jimmy Newson, a business and growth strategist and consultant. He specializes in working with small businesses and entrepreneurs and has great insights into what you can do today to improve your vision and strategy.

“If you can start a strategy sooner rather than later, you’re already headed in the right direction, you know what your true north is, and now you’re headed there confidently.”– Jimmy Newson

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This week on SmallBizChat Podcast:

  • Why strategy is different, but equally important, for small businesses as it is for big companies. 
  • Starting your strategy sooner rather than later. 
  • What you need to know when building or updating your strategy. 
  • The power of having a vision and bringing your team in to create the vision. 
  • Utilizing the data of market analysis. 
  • Appropriate resource allocation to fit with your strategy. 
  • Leveraging tools to do the heavy lifting.

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