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‘The Forest Must Stay!’ Treetop Protest Erupts At Tesla’s Berlin Gigafactory As Activists Try To Thwart Expansion – Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA)

‘The Forest Must Stay!’ Treetop Protest Erupts At Tesla’s Berlin Gigafactory As Activists Try To Thwart Expansion – Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA)

Environmental activists have established a camp in the forest surrounding Tesla Inc.‘s TSLA Gigafactory Berlin, in the latest round of controversy for the EV giant’s German operations.

What Happened: Activists from an environmental group called ROBIN WOOD are protesting the planned expansion of the Tesla factory in Grünheide, Brandenburg. 

They occupied a pine forest near the factory site and built a wooden platform, demanding a halt to the expansion and a focus on a “climate-friendly mobility transition.”

In a press release, the group pointed out that a recent survey of Grünheide residents showed a majority (63.5%) voted against Tesla’s expansion, with a high voter turnout exceeding 70%. 

“We are here today to show the red card to Tesla boss Elon Musk and everyone who is helping him make his gigafactory even bigger,” the group said in its statement. “The forest must stay!”

ROBIN WOOD said it would be hosting a free trial climbing event at the protest site on Sunday and participating in a larger demonstration against the expansion next week.

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Interestingly, the activists seem to have set up camp in a managed forest, not a natural one, according to images shared by the group.

Why It Matters: This protest comes on the heels of a series of environmental concerns surrounding Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin. 

Local authorities recently accused Tesla of polluting Berlin’s drinking water supply, leading to demands for the shutdown of its wastewater line. Additionally, local citizens voted against Tesla’s plans to clear trees for factory expansion. 

Despite these challenges, Tesla’s production at the factory has been on the rise, with the Model Y production reportedly hitting a new high of 6000 units weekly. 

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Photo courtesy: Robin Wood

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