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The Information sees consistent subscription growth

The Information sees consistent subscription growth

Business and tech publisher The Information saw consistent subscription growth, an $800,000 boost from a new product and lagging brand partnership revenue in the first half of the year, reports Mark Stenberg of Adweek.

Stenberg writes, “The publisher splits its subscription business into two groups: consumer subscriptions, which cost $399 per person per year, and corporate accounts, whose pricing depends on the number of ‘seats’ a company pays for.

“The consumer team launched Information Pro, an all-access subscription product, in February. The premium tier costs $999 but is often discounted to $749, and it provides subscribers access to proprietary org charts, databases and surveys.

“From its launch to the all-hands meeting in July, Pro generated 400 new subscribers and almost 1,000 upgrades by July, according to DiGuido. In total, the product had brought in close to $800,000 in revenue.

“On the consumer front, The Information was 104% to its goal in the first quarter, but it encountered an unspecified slowdown in growth in the second quarter. For the first half in total, consumer subscriptions were 99% to goal, George DiGuido, vp of growth, told staff.”

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