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Top Crypto Movers of the Week

Top Crypto Movers of the Week

This week the cryptocurrency market started out with high hopes and by Friday it was back down again. This highlights the volatility of the crypto market and why you should always be very careful if you are investing in it. However, the top crypto movers this week did great gaining from 21.39% to 85.44%.


Top Crypto Movers

With movement from 21%, all the way up to 85%, the cryptocurrencies in the top three are small cap coins. And it is usually these coins that have made the biggest short-term gains.

The data for the top movers this week comes from Coinbase, which includes a somewhat famous coin SHIBA INU, which increased by 5.5%.

Top Movers for the Week – August 19, 2022

Name Price Change Market Cap Volume (24h) Supply
Stargate Finance – STG 0.66 0.8544 $86.6M $319.5M 133.3M
Circuits of Value – COVAL 0.0219 0.6503 $40.2M $5.0M 1.8B
Chiliz – CHZ 0.2 0.2139 $1.2B $608.5M 6.0B
UNUS SED LEO – LEO 5.17 0.0781 $4.9B $3.3M 954.0M
Quantstamp -QSP 0.0193 0.0748 $13.5M $1.7M 713.8M
SHIBA INU -SHIB 0.000013 0.0555 $7.2B $946.4M 549.1T
Spell Token – SPELL 0.0016 0.045 $158.4M $204.7M 97.9B
Tellor – TRB 41.03 0.0351 $70.1M $76.4M 1.7M
Wrapped Centrifuge -WCFG 0.38 0.0328 $2.0M
Kyber Network -KNC 1.72 0.0307 $305.3M $196.4M 177.8M


Top Three Movers

Stargate Finance – STG Up by 85.44%

The big uptick might be related to the announcement that Binance will be listing it in the Innovation Zone.

STG is an Ethereum token that powers the Stargate Finance ecosystem. Stargate Finance is a cross-chain bridge solution built on LayerZero that makes cross-chain token trading easy, simple, and seamless between various blockchains. The STG token is used to reward liquidity providers for funding Stargate Protocol operations and to lock and receive the Stargate Protocol governance token (veSTG).

Circuits of Value – COVAL Up by 65.03%

COVAL is an Ethereum token that powers Emblem, a platform where users can create custom combinations of ETH, ERC-20, and NFT tokens into a single, tradable token called a Vault. COVAL can be used to create Vaults and is issued as a reward to liquidity providers.

Chiliz – CHZ Up by 21.39%

The platform has leading soccer teams in Europe on its platform Socios.com

Chiliz (CHZ) is an Ethereum token that powers Socios.com, a platform that lets users trade tokens to show their support for professional sports teams. The tokens on Socios.com — called Fan Tokens — make users eligible for rewards and promotions and can also be used to influence team decisions by popular voting on the Chiliz blockchain.

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