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Twitter Ventures Into Instagram Territory As Musk Nods To Video Editing, Filters Request – Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:META)

Twitter Ventures Into Instagram Territory As Musk Nods To Video Editing, Filters Request – Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:META)

Twitter will take a leaf out of Meta Platforms Inc.’s META Instagram, as Elon Musk said video editing and filters would come soon to the microblogging platform.

What Happened: During the weekend, a Twitter user who goes by the handle “GailAlfarATX” on the site said that it would be great if users could edit clips and add good music, subtle filters and pictures on the platform without needing another app. 

Musk responded to his tweet with one word, affirming that similar features will soon be introduced on the microblogging site. 

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The aforementioned features are the signature style of Mark Zuckerberg-led Instagram’s functioning, where users can post videos and photos by adding and editing the content with music, filters, emojis and text. 

This suggests that Musk, who announced his departure as Twitter CEO, plans to make a notable exit as the platform’s chief executive. It also hints that the tech billionaire, despite having given the reins to Linda Yaccarino, continues to approve new features on the platform.

Why It’s Important: This isn’t the first time the two platforms have invaded each other’s territories. 

In December 2022, reports emerged about Meta’s plans to build a new Twitter-like platform in response to the turbulent period witnessed under Musk’s leadership. 

Earlier this year, reports suggested that the Zuckerberg-led company was contemplating the development of its own alternative to Twitter to address the increasing discontent among users. 

Subsequently, Meta confirmed its exploration of a decentralized social network, initially codenamed “P92.” However, the latest rumors indicate that the project is progressing under the name “Barcelona.”

Last week, it was reported that Facebook-parent plans to launch a decentralized text-based social network in the Summer of this year. 

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