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What Does Car Insurance Cover?

Anyone who operates a vehicle knows the value of car insurance. In India, it is required by law to have car insurance coverage. To drive around freely in a car on the country’s roads, at the very least, one should have some basic insurance. However, before we continue reading the article, you might be curious about Bajaj Allianz’s car insurance details.

What Insurance Coverage Means

A person or a unit is protected by insurance coverage, which is the security provided by an insurance company against any risk and liability. In car insurance, the unit being covered is the car of the individual. In some cases, the owner of the car might receive coverage as well.

Here are some potential coverage characteristics of a car insurance policy:

  • Liability For Bodily Injury: In the event of an accident,car insuranceprotects you from third-party claims for bodily injury.
  • Liability For Property Damage: It also provides coverage for third-party damages resulting from property damage costs.
  • Covers Medical Expenses: Most comprehensive policies on the market provide car insurance protection against medical claims by covering the policyholder and other injured passengers’ medical expenses.
  • Coverage For Underinsured Or Uninsured Motorist Situations: If a third party is involved in an accident, the damages may be covered by this pay-as-you-go car insurance coverage. This policy covers bodily injuries and also provides property damage coverage. ^

Coverage If The Car Is Physically Damaged

The following are some situations where physical damage to your car is covered:

  • If your car is involved in an accident
  • For non-collision damage brought on by natural occurrences

According to the types of coverage included in each policy, there are different types of car insurance, generally two broad categories for vehicle insurance policies:

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance

Here, car insurance protection is provided against any loss or damage to the car and any policy-covered accessories that may have been damaged. The following categories apply to this damage, which either artificial or natural disasters may have brought on:

  • Man-Made Calamities: For artificial calamities, coverage includes theft, break-ins, riots, strikes, terrorism, and other malicious activities. This car insurance also covers your vehicle while transported by road, rail, water, etc.
    • Natural Calamities: During a natural calamity, coverage includes damage from fire, flood, cyclone, storm, lightning, rockslide, and earthquakes, among other things. As a result, buying this car insurance online provides coverage for almost all natural disasters. ^
  • Third-Party Car Insurance Policy

Every insurance policy entails two parties:

The insured person or unit can claim the insurance amount against any damage or loss. This is the first party. The insurance company/agency is the one who provides insurance and pays the compensation. The insurance company is the second party. When an accident involves a personal vehicle, the vehicle’s owner is covered by insurance for any severe injuries or damages. Buying this car insurance online also means coverage for third-party property damage protection. ^

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^ Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under a comprehensive car insurance policy.

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.