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5 Steps to Prepare for Your Business Coaching Call

5 Steps to Prepare for Your Business Coaching Call

When you hire a business coach from the Great Game of Business, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the most out of the experience. The best way to do that is to prepare yourself accordingly. 

Here are five ways to prepare for your business coaching call. 

1. Do Your Research & Set Clear Goals 

Set clear goals and expectations. You’ll need to know what your short-term and long-term goals are. Coaches can help you clarify these if you need some assistance. 

Know the core issues you want to address during your coaching session and stick to those. Create a quick agenda of what you need help with and let your coach know. 

2. Prepare Some Questions in Advance 

Think long and hard. Have any new developments come up since the last coaching call? If so, jot down some concerns related to Great Game implementation and these new circumstances. 

Get your questions ready ahead of time. Make the most of those billable hours by having a hit list of top questions. You might even split them up between sessions so you can focus more on concepts like how to have a productive Huddle versus how to play MiniGames. 

3. Be Willing to Share, Listen & Take Notes

The clients who benefit the most from coaching are the ones who share their struggles and challenges. Yes, even financial difficulties, if need be. When these issues are clearly identified, the best solution can be devised by a Great Game strategist. Be prepared to be open to feedback and ready to take notes during the session. Have a notepad or pen handy. You can do it on your desktop or on a piece of paper next to your computer. 

4. Gather Data

Have anything you need with you within arm’s reach. Be ready with financial statements, business metrics, or other relevant information pertaining to your session. You’ll make the most of your time this way. Have everything you need close by. 

There’s no point in being surrounded by clutter or noise during a call; it will only serve to distract you from the session. 

Find a clear space to work in before your call begins. Test your computer audio and video equipment to make sure everything is working properly. 

If you’re conducting a coaching session over Zoom or another app, make sure your preferences or settings are configured to share your screen on your computer. 

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