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BOSTON, Oct. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Botkeeper, a leader in automated bookkeeping, made waves in the accounting profession at its groundbreaking AI Unchained Conference, with an audience comprising onsite and virtual attendees. The purpose? To disrupt the conference space, offering fresh, edgy content and education to the accounting profession, focusing on AI and Client Advisory Services (CAS) in the modern age.

AI Unchained 2023. Tara Seppa, National Director for Startups & Digital Native Growth with...
AI Unchained 2023. Tara Seppa, National Director for Startups & Digital Native Growth with Google Cloud; Enrico Palmerino, CEO at Botkeeper; Ben Royce, Business Development for AI Services with Google Cloud.(PRNewswire)

The AI Unchained event highlighted Botkeeper’s innovative spirit and its continuous efforts to redefine industry norms. 

The event was made possible by participation from Botkeeper partners and sponsors including Expensify, Avalara, Jirav, Right Networks, ADP, Xero, Intuit, BILL, Ramp, Reach Reporting, AICPA & CIMA, Synder, Rippling, Aiwyn, TriNet, and Peerview Data.

The AI Unchained event kicked off with Botkeeper advisors and technology sponsors sharing insights about their services and products, while consultants were on hand to talk to attendees about practice aspects from technology to burnout during the event’s “Consultants Corner.” Featured consultants included Lauren Baptiste, Acheloa Wellness; Geni Whitehouse, The Impactful Advisor / ITA President; John Garrett, Consultant, What’s Your “And”?; Gale Crosley, Crosley & Company; Seth Fineberg, Accountants Forward; Will Hill, Will Hill Consults; W. Michael Hsu, DeepSky, Measure x Hack, and CFO Club; Gaynor Meilke, Charisma Ink, LLC; Renee Moelders, ConvergenceCoaching, LLC; Donny Shimamoto, Intraprise Techknowlogies, LLC; Amy Vetter, B3 Method Institute; and David Wolfskehl, Whitman Transition Advisors.

Day 2 brought an unveiling of groundbreaking partnerships and revolutionary products and features in the accounting space, setting a new standard in professional conferences with its distinctive and refreshing approach. Botkeeper revealed a host of innovations that received enthusiastic response, setting the stage for a future where accounting is not just a necessity but a catalyst for business growth and success.

AI and CAS’ transformative role in modern accounting was emphasized by influential speakers such as Ben Royce and Tara Seppa from Google Cloud. Ben, who specializes in Business Development for AI Services, highlighted the convergence of Gen AI for accounting services, illuminating the path forward for industry professionals.

Tara, the National Director for Startups & Digital Native Growth with Google Cloud, later joined Botkeeper Founder and CEO Enrico Palmerino on stage to announce their collaboration: Botkeeper will work with Google Cloud to develop an “Insights” module. An advisory tool for CAS firms, Insights will surface relevant KPIs and metrics firms can curate for their clients, and will use Google Cloud’s generative AI platform Vertex AI to explain the “why” behind the numbers, allowing users to offer advisory with confidence. Insights will also leverage Botkeeper’s vast data across numerous businesses to offer industry-specific insights and allow users to benchmark themselves against similar businesses.

The collaborations kept coming, as Jirav CEO Martin Zych joined Botkeeper CEO Enrico Palmerino on stage to unveil an epic partnership that will deliver the ultimate advisory tools for financial reporting and analysis. Jirav’s dynamic, all-in-one solution will seamlessly integrate with the Botkeeper platform starting in Q1 of 2024, putting financial insights at users’ fingertips.

These collaborations with Google Cloud and Jirav underline Botkeeper’s commitment to pioneering advancements in AI-driven bookkeeping solutions. With the aim of optimizing and innovating accounting processes and delivering unprecedented value to users.

In the conference’s product spotlight, Botkeeper announced Botkeeper Infinite, a tech-only package designed to be a comprehensive solution providing access to the power of the Botkeeper platform while retaining direct control over client needs and interaction. And at a price that makes adoption across many different client types a no-brainer. Infinite is currently in Beta, and is scheduled to go live in Q1 2024. Firms interested in gaining early access should visit the company’s waitlist at www.botkeeper.com/join-the-waitlist-for-early-access.

The Botkeeper platform is also gaining new functionality that rolls out in Q4 of 2023. In addition to the aforementioned integration with Jirav and the Financial Insights module, Botkeeper’s plans include:

Activity Hub: A centralized space within the Botkeeper platform for all comments, feedback, and interactions. By standardizing communications, firms will experience seamless interactions with their clients, ensuring that their priorities, those of their clients, and those assigned to Botkeeper are always on the same page. Activity Hub will streamline communications, providing an intuitive, simple way for firms to keep abreast of developments. Coming in Q4 2023.

Zapier Integration: Botkeeper users have been asking for a way to seamlessly integrate Botkeeper into their workflows and all the tools they use today. To address this, Botkeeper is integrating Zapier, allowing users to trigger actions based on custom events and automating innumerable tasks. Launching in Q4 2023.

Bot Review: Botkeeper has leveraged technology to free accountants from the drudgery of month-end close. Bot Review flags the variances and exceptions users need to review, saving hours of manual searching. Firms will enjoy immense time-savings, pinpoint accuracy, and happier clients who will find far fewer issues with their financial reports. Firms will be able to easily review and fix any exceptions detected in clients’ financials in real-time, resulting in pristine books. Coming in Q4 2023.

JE Automation: Automates amortization schedules and loans in real-time, syncing directly with the general ledger. Future functionality includes managing variable interest loans. JE Automation will be available mid-2024.

Auto Bank Reconciliations: Allows users to quickly review variances between extracted statement details and general ledger (GL) activity for seamless reconciliations. The system even automates the reconciliation when no issues are found. Arriving in Q1 2024.

In addition to these, Palmerino listed other coming innovations on Botkeeper’s radar for the coming year, including the integration of GLs beyond QuickBooks Online and Xero; automated allocations; simplified, secure access to tasks through one-click functionality; a dedicated, bespoke Botkeeper community and “university” learning environment; customizable machine learning settings to enable firm autonomy; generative AI predictions; real-time variance notifications; industry-specific machine learning models; advanced reporting; and a UI refresh to make the platform more user-friendly and even easier to understand.

With the introduction of Infinite, Botkeeper will also be restructuring its packaging model. The new framework offers Botkeeper services in three “flavors,” including the tech-only Infinite offering as the baseline package, which Palmerino said is ideal for “do it your-selfers” and small firms looking to scale rapidly. The other two packages add basic services, which are intended for those firms that need some additional assistance with their workloads; and advanced services, for firms that need to maximize their time-savings with Botkeeper’s highest level of additional services. Advanced will include the Botkeeper accounting team and added Jirav functionality.

The inaugural AI Unchained event received an overwhelming response from over 250 on-site and over 2000 virtual session registrants, praising Botkeeper’s unconventional and refreshing approach to conference experiences.

Botkeeper’s AI Unchained event has successfully set a new benchmark in the accounting industry, highlighting the brand’s innovative spirit and its continuous efforts to redefine industry norms. Botkeeper is poised to continue its transformative journey, leading the way in disrupting and elevating the accounting profession.

Botkeeper is a leading automated bookkeeping solution, providing accounting firms and their clients with a powerful combination of skilled accountants, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Botkeeper gives your CAS or bookkeeping practice an unparalleled workflow management system that uses best practices we’ve refined over several years. Accounting firms can grow their book of business, diversify their service offering, increase capacity, and improve overhead costs using the Botkeeper Operating System full-suite bookkeeping & pre-accounting solution. Learn more about Botkeeper at www.botkeeper.com.

Della Copp
Director, Brand & Buzz, Botkeeper
C: 608-628-9991
E: [email protected]

Botkeeper: Automated bookkeeping with a human touch! (PRNewsfoto/Botkeeper)
Botkeeper: Automated bookkeeping with a human touch! (PRNewsfoto/Botkeeper)(PRNewswire)

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