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All The Hiring Tools You Need In Just One Hiring Platform

All The Hiring Tools You Need In Just One Hiring Platform

Hiring tools and App

The process of hiring new talent can seem to be a challenging task, but the smart hiring tools of the JollyHires app make it so easy, innovative, creative, rewarding, and fun!

Gone are the days of juggling multiple platforms to keep up with the ever-increasing demands of the hiring process. From using one platform for screening resumes, another for conducting video interviews, to another for amplifying employer branding, thereby making hiring an overwhelming and daunting task. Creative Gen-Z apps like JollyHires are designed to do away with these hurdles by bringing all the hiring tools you need, from powerful candidate screening tools, video interviewing capabilities, real-time tracker, and smart interview organizer to many more collaborative features in just one hiring platform!

JollyHires Smart Job Card Feature

In the bustling landscape of job postings, crafting a job ad that catches the eye and entices potential candidates is no easy feat. This challenge becomes even more pronounced when advertising an entry-level role. With a sea of other job listings vying for attention, tailoring your posting into an irresistible invitation for aspiring talent demands creativity. Luckily, JollyHires’ ‘Smart Job Card’ feature helps employers score high in creativity and source the top talent from anywhere!

When you advertise a job ad using JollyHires, it converts your job opening into a smart card that is shareable across all the top social media sites where candidates are found. This is in addition to the talent already available in the JollyHires jobseeker network. So, it just takes one click for you to directly promote your job on top social media platforms from the app, resulting in a larger candidate pool and faster time-to-hire. The comfort of the candidates is also taken care of, as the job card allows them to access more job information and apply directly to your job posting with just one click!

Advanced Hiring Toolkit for Offline Hiring Activities

For those who still value the conventional approach to hiring in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, JollyHires Advanced hiring toolkit offers a seamless blend of time-tested techniques with a modern touch. The convenience of conventional hiring methods is complemented by a contemporary twist- all made possible by JollyHires on the platform offering ‘Ready-To-Paste’ Hiring Now posters.

JollyHires recognizes the significance of ‘Hiring Now’ posters that are pasted on local hangout shops, cafes, etc., and hence has curated a solution that effectively merges the old and the new. With the inclusion of a “Hiring Now” poster, jobseekers frequenting local cafes and small shops can easily spot potential job opportunities mentioned on the posters, can scan the QR code of the company included on the poster, and Apply instantly to the jobs.

Gone are the days of complex and exhaustive hiring strategies. The ready-to-paste posters provided by JollyHires not only grab attention but also provide key information at a glance, making it easier than ever for employers to connect with potential candidates who may not be actively scouring online job platforms. This is a great feature to discover your ideal team members from the nearby locality while embracing the best of both worlds.

Job Seeker View

In case you’re wondering, “What does this job ad look like to job seekers?” When a job is promoted, the clickable job card enables candidates to view information including company name, job role, salary offered, location, experience required, etc. And they can just click on it to apply directly to your posting from any platform!

Finding Candidates on a Map!

The JollyHires App also lets you step up your hiring game by boosting your employer branding. By simply creating your company’s digital profile in just a few minutes, you can use the platform to promote your company culture, build your brand, and attract top talent.

One of the most remarkable features that sets the app apart is its ability to let employers find candidates on a map. This feature, which uses a geo-location service, has transformed the way companies connect with potential candidates. It has made hiring more targeted, more effective, and easier than ever before. Using this feature is particularly advantageous for businesses seeking talent for on-site roles. Companies seeking freelancers or gig workers have a lot to benefit from it. The app ensures that these companies discover candidates who are both qualified and geographically compatible, thereby expediting the hiring process.

The Power of Screening Questions

Companies are increasingly incorporating screening questions to ensure that they onboard candidates who are qualified as well as align with their company culture and values. Screening questions act as an excellent filtering mechanism as asking targeted questions can help employers immediately separate out candidates who don’t meet the minimum criteria set for potential cultural fit, technical expertise, and alignment with the role. This helps save valuable time and resources. Using the JollyHires app, employers can send screening questions to candidates before the interview and, therefore, increase the quality of hire by conducting interviews of only those candidates who meet the basic criteria early on. Not to forget, the smart interview organizer feature of the app, that eliminates all the back-and-forth scheduling fuss by letting recruiters easily choose options for the interview slots.

The app also makes communication easier by enabling recruiters to chat or call candidates directly, thereby removing the fuss of any third party or intermediator. Moreover, to seal the deal on the best candidates and to assure them of their selection, the app also lets employers send an offer letter immediately to secure the talent.

Interestingly, companies can also track their hiring performance and candidates’ responses on a real-time basis by using the real-time tracker feature of the app.

By providing employers access to all the hiring tools within a single platform, JollyHires opens doors to a new era of innovation and efficiency in the hiring process. By streamlining hiring operations, reducing costs, and saving time, the app enables companies to focus on what truly matters- building a winning team that drives success!

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