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August product update

August product update

New: Easily update to the best app version

Running the latest version of the app ensures you’ve got the latest features, enhancements, and fixes. Now, updating your app is as easy as hitting the “update” button.

New: Auto-accept meeting guests

Eliminate the need to manually accept your meeting guests. Click “auto accept guests” during scheduling, and your guests will let themselves in.

How to:

  • On the right menu, click the calendar icon and click the expand icon
  • Click the day/time of your meeting 
  • Enter meeting details and click “Advanced options”
  • Select “Automatically accept guests”

How to: Create an instant meeting

Get everyone together right now in a virtual meeting. Make it face-to-face by turning your camera on.

Start an instant team meeting

Step 1: In the left menu, click Rooms and copy your personal meeting link

Step 2: Share your meeting link via NextivaONE text or team chat

Step 3: Click the meeting link, then “Start now”

Start an instant meeting with your team + external guests

Step 1: Click the blue “+” icon on the top right and select “Start a meeting”

Step 2: Type the name of a team member or an external contact

Step 3: Type the name of a team member or an external contact and click “Invite”

How to: Create a future meeting

Plan in advance and schedule a future meeting. Show your smile by turning your camera on.

Step 1: Schedule your meeting. Invite the team + external guests.

Step 2: Start the meeting. Turn on your camera and sidebar chat.

Step 3: Record the meeting. Share the recording with those who couldn’t make it.

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Check out our Product Updates page to see what else you can do now.

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