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Building An Event Strategy That Connects With Your Community

Building An Event Strategy That Connects With Your Community

Marketing Podcast with Isaac Watson

Isaac Watson, a guest on the Duct Tape Marketing PodcastIn this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Isaac Watson. He is an event strategist and entrepreneur who founded Kickass Conferences in 2016. He has produced over 50 conferences and gatherings worldwide, specializing in event strategy and design for communities. Isaac is also the co-host of the Make It Kickass podcast.

Key Takeaway:

Events can serve as a powerful strategy for building a community around a business or brand. A comprehensive approach to event planning starts with developing a strategy that aligns with your business goals and creating impactful experiences for your community. Furthermore, a successful event strategy involves three components: strong community engagement, careful consideration of available resources, and a clear event vision. There should be a focus on fostering relationships between the community of your business and creating a space for attendees to support each other.

Questions I ask Isaac Watson:

  • [02:15] Why should people think about events as part of the marketing mix?
  • [03:09] What are some of the most successful kinds of event marketing strategies that you’ve seen implemented and that you’ve probably implemented on behalf of some of your clients?
  • [04:19] How did COVID change the landscape of the event business permanently?
  • [06:38] Are there technologies, specific tools, or software that you recommend to businesses these days?
  • [07:34] What is your process for getting to the heart of an effective strategy for an event?
  • [08:27] You’ve mentioned the word community several times, a community can be your customers or the people that you want to turn into customers right?
  • [09:46] How do you measure success? Do you have a set process for that or is part of the to-go with KPIs?
  • [11:02] How important are all the things that are not necessarily the core topics of an event like food, breaks, or entertainment?
  • [13:10] The first thing one should do is define what type of event is, what are the goals; and based on that, define the strategy correct?
  • [16:13] How do you get people to think in terms of the event integrating with everything else they’ve been doing particularly when it comes to marketing?
  • [16:58] How comprehensive do you take an approach or does it come down to what the client wants and what their budget is?

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