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How Virtual Assistants Are Reshaping The Business Landscape

How Virtual Assistants Are Reshaping The Business Landscape

Marketing Podcast with Joe Rare

Joe Rare, a guest on the Duct Tape Marketing PodcastIn this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Joe Rare. He is an “underground” serial entrepreneur, investor, and outsourcing expert. Joe focuses on helping small- to medium-sized businesses and currently owns and manages a number of digital companies that are fully run by virtual assistants, including: Level 9 Virtual, Wedding Booking System, Engaged.app and Campground Digital.

Key Takeaway:

Joe shares his story as an underground entrepreneur with his unique perspective on building businesses in silence, without seeking the spotlight or constantly promoting themselves. He emphasizes the importance of focusing on business growth, making an impact, and connecting with customers rather than getting caught up in content creation and personal branding. Joe is involved in the virtual assistants and shares the benefits of outsourcing tasks to VAs and how it can help businesses grow and be more profitable. It’s important to have a mindset shift to fully embrace this approach.

Questions I ask Joe Rare:

  • [01:51] What’s an underground entrepreneur?
  • [04:34] How did you get started building businesses?
  • [06:12] What attracted you to the virtual assistant world?
  • [08:37] Now you’re building some apps and some marketplaces. What what got you there? And what have you learned that it’s going to allow you to repeat that process?
  • [15:43] Should every business be looking at virtual assistans as a way to supplement, grow, be more profitable?
  • [18:50] What’s the best way to go about finding virtual assistants?
  • [20:35] Do you find that people graduate towards higher levels of responsibility for those virtual person where maybe they’re even client facing in some cases?
  • [21:58] Talk to me a little bit about the mistakes or the best practices when you’ve seen the relationship with virtual assistans really work. What’s been the keys to success?

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