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Navigating the Google Analytics Landscape

Navigating the Google Analytics Landscape

The Duct Tape Marketing Podcast with Julian Juenemann

Julian Juenemann

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interviewed Julian Juenemann, the founder of JJAnalytics, a company that helps businesses adopt the data-driven way of Digital Marketing.

In 2015, he launched the MeasureSchool YouTube channel to reach out and teach this new way of marketing to others. With over 150,000 subscribers, MeasureSchool has become the leading video source for many marketers to learn these data-driven methods.

Key Takeaway:

During this episode, we discuss the transition from Google Analytics to Google Analytics G4 and its significant differences from the previous version. We also learned how privacy concerns and changing data retention practices have driven the need for this transition. Additionally, we talk about how businesses need to adapt and leverage data visualization tools for better insights since AI is playing an increasing role in data analysis. However, trust in the output of such tools remains a critical issue.


Questions I ask Julian

  • [00:54] What are the differences between Google Analytics and the new Google’s platform?
  • [04:41] About this new platform, what does it do differently, and what does it do better?
  • [07:08] How does the data visualization work in this new platform?
  • [09:11] What’s the relationship between Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager?
  • [14:12] Does this new tool has any enhancements for ad tracking?
  • [16:30] Besides Google, what are some other analytics tools that you’d recommend?
  • [18:46] What’s the role of AI in analyzing Google Analytics data?

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