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Navigating the Nonfiction Author Journey

Navigating the Nonfiction Author Journey

Marketing Podcast with Honorée Corder

In today’s episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, we’re joined by Honorée Corder, an accomplished author, publishing consultant, and the founder of Indy Author University. With over 50 books to her name and a passion for turning aspiring nonfiction authors into best-selling and best-earning authors, Honoree brings an unparalleled perspective to the table. We discuss her recent book, Write Your First Nonfiction: A Primer for Aspiring Authors, and delve into the intricacies of authorship, focusing on the business benefits of publishing your own book.

Key Takeaway:

The decision to write a book shouldn’t be taken lightly, but it can be a powerful tool for business owners looking to boost their credibility and brand. Honorée emphasizes the need to start with clear goals and intentions, asking what you want the book to accomplish for you and your business. By answering key questions about the book’s purpose, target audience, and desired outcomes, aspiring authors can ensure that their book serves as a valuable asset for years to come. Whether you’re looking to clarify your message, attract clients, or establish expertise, a well-crafted book can set you apart in a competitive marketplace. .

Questions I ask Honorée Corder:

  • (01:59): What’s the first question someone should ask themselves if they’re contemplating writing a book?
  • (02:29): How do you approach the task of making a topic understandable to people?
  • (03:43): For aspiring authors, would you advise that writing a book could positively impact their business?
  • (04:36): Have your own publications contributed to the creation of your Author University and securing TEDx speaking opportunities?
  • (06:00): So if somebody came to you and said, I’m the best estate planning attorney and I want to write a book, where do you start with them?
  • (08:26): How do you guide someone in determining the appropriate length for their book?
  • (10:16): How do you assist in crafting a book structure that not only meets the author’s objectives but also keeps the audience engaged?
  • (14:11): Would you say that the more condensed you can make your first draft the better?

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