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Only 9 Days Left to Register for the Biggest and Best Global Small Business Forum on the Planet

Only 9 Days Left to Register for the Biggest and Best Global Small Business Forum on the Planet

Only 9 Days Left to Register for the Biggest and Best Global Small Business Forum on the Planet
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You will never want to miss out on the most important and greatest 7th Yearly Global Small Company Forum on the planet held pretty much on Friday, October 21st from 8:00AM-11:30AM CT.  The concept is:  #rebootyourbusinessforglboalgrowth.

Below is a listing of the speakers.  If you appear at the graphic higher than with the circle, follow prime left clockwise.  

  • Steve Greenspon (prime left), Chief Govt Officer, Honey-Can-Do Global
  • Michael Jones, Michael A. Jones, II., Worldwide Profits Division Leader, Avlon Industries, Inc. 
  • Shital Daftari, Founder and CEO, Saris and Items & SNT Biotech 
  • Tom Britz (reduced appropriate), President and CEO, Glacier Hops Ranch (winner of 2022 Small Company Exporter of the Yr Award!)

More speakers who are also award-successful exporters:

  • David Kniepkamp (bottom left), President and CEO, Sensible Controls LLC
  • Amy Bosco, Director of Global Business Development, Beekley Healthcare (new winner of The President’s “E” Award!)

Speakers will explore how they are leveraging the classes from the world-wide pandemic, the war in Ukraine, higher inflation, international source chain problems, and a rise in desire charges – all even though nevertheless developing and focusing on the potential of world company.  During panel discussions you will discover their best-retained strategies to driving final results for a business.

Exclusive visitors contain, but are not confined to:  Marc Schulman, President of The Eli’s Cheesecake Firm and Richard Paullin, Govt Director, Global Trade Association of Increased Chicago.  We’ve also invited Chicago Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot.

Entire lineup of speakers can be found here.

Additional to our list of specialness, is e-vendor, Boomerang Carnets.  They’ve supported us in advance of and we look ahead to functioning with them again this calendar year during our breakout rooms.  

We also have Il SBDC International Trade Center, Southern Illinois College Edwardsville as a supporting organization this 12 months.

Tickets operate from $10 (student ticket), to $20 (basic ticket), to $200 (ticket and just one e-vendor desk). 
Go to the web-site for a lot more specifics and to sign up: https://globalsmallbusinessforum.com.  Network like insane, master what it requires to thrive in the worldwide marketplace, and wander away with new insights to provide your company to new heights.

Observe: The discussion board is also known for its exciting raffle prizes at the close. Who knew by attending that you could potentially earn a globe well known Eli’s Cheesecake, Tiffany’s write-up or interesting houseware product?  You need to be current to win!  See you there.