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Ooma Business VoIP Pricing: Is It Worth It?

Ooma Business VoIP Pricing: Is It Worth It?

Ooma is a VoIP business phone service offering voice and video calls, text messaging, online faxing, and more. 

Customers can choose from three service plans for business communications, with each one providing over 50 features designed to make it easier to make and receive calls from anywhere, across devices, and for businesses of varying sizes.

With VoIP calling features such as virtual receptionists, enhanced call blocking, and call queuing, it’s a feature-rich IP phone option for businesses embracing the remote work environment.

Does Ooma have the call quality, features, and functionality to suit your business needs? Does it offer good value? Let’s explore.

Ooma Business Pricing & Plans

Ooma offers three plans — Essentials, Pro, and Pro Plus — that are differentiated by advanced features. As such, it’s important to understand what you’re getting with each plan and what you’re paying for it.

Essentials plan — $19.95/user/month

The Essentials plan offers the smallest assortment of features and is a suite of basic call management and business communication functionalities.

The Essentials plan includes basic features such as:

The Essentials plan focuses primarily on calling. Features such as text messaging and video conferencing aren’t available on this plan, which is unusual for a communications platform.

For users in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, Ooma offers unlimited calling and call coverage without any additional charge.

Additionally, Ooma’s mobile app allows users to access their business phone system from their cell phones. However, it does not allow desktop access; that’s only available on the higher plan levels.

Pro plan — $24.95/user/month

For customers willing to spend a bit more for more advanced features, Ooma offers a Pro plan. This plan offers everything in the Essentials plan, plus several other features.

For starters, the Pro plan allows access to Ooma’s system through its desktop application, allowing users to make softphone calls from their computers as they would from their office phone.

The Pro plan includes advanced features such as:

Pro Plus plan — $29.95/user/month

The Ooma Office Pro Plus plan is the highest of the options in terms of both pricing and features. Pro Plus includes everything in the Pro plan, with some additions.

For instance, the Pro Plus plan enables more integrations, allowing Ooma to connect with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, as well as deeper integration capabilities with the Microsoft 365 suite of services. It expands Ooma Meetings videoconferencing to up to 100 participants, allowing for larger meetings.

The Pro Plus Plan also adds:

Nextiva Pricing & Plans

Now that you know what Ooma provides and what it costs, let’s compare it to Nextiva to see how it stacks up.

Nextiva voip service

Essential plan — $18.95/user/month

Nextiva has an Essential plan that is slightly cheaper than Ooma’s and provides many features that Ooma reserves for its Pro and Pro Plus plans.

With Nextiva’s Essential plan, you get:

Professional plan — $22.95/user/month

The next level of Nextiva’s offerings is the Professional plan, which includes everything in the Essential plan, with some additions and improvements.

With Nextiva’s Professional plan, you get:

Nextiva integrations

Enterprise plan — $32.95/user/month

Finally, Nextiva’s Enterprise plan is designed to meet the communications needs of large organizations. The Enterprise plan enhances the Professional plan by adding even more features and flexibility.

With Nextiva’s Enterprise plan, you get:

All these features can be accessed through a single sign-on, saving users time and hassle as they go about their work.

Essential Small Business Phone System Features

While a wide variety of features is great, it can also be overwhelming and can overshadow the most essential features. Do you really need everything offered in each plan? What are the most essential features that Ooma and Nextiva have to offer?

Ooma Office for small businesses 

Ooma offers dozens of features on its Essentials plan, but which features are the most useful for small businesses? Ooma’s most important features are:

Nextiva for small businesses

Let’s compare Ooma’s essential features to Nextiva’s and see what else Nextiva can provide. Some key features from Nextiva’s platform include:

Mobile and desktop softphone

Nextiva vs. Ooma Comparison Chart

Features & Functionality Nextiva Essential Nextiva Enterprise Ooma Office Essentials Ooma Office Pro Plus
Monthly price (billed annually) $18.95 $32.95 $19.95 $29.95
User capacity Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Unlimited voice and video calling (US and Canada)
Mobile apps (iOS and Android)
Toll-free minutes 1,500 12,500 500 500
Video conferencing participants Unlimited 100
Video meeting recording
Meeting scheduling and calendar integrations
Team messaging
Toll-free numbers
Unlimited internet fax
Auto attendant
Call recording
Multi-level auto attendant
Salesforce and HubSpot integrations
Call queues
Voicemail transcription
Advanced analytics and reporting
Microsoft Teams integration
Single sign-on

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Is Ooma or Nextiva Right for Your Business?


Ooma is a fine option for small businesses, as its straightforward plans are geared toward smaller teams. It’s a cost-effective option for businesses with basic phone needs, which many smaller organizations with minimal call center needs will find appealing.

It’s also a good option for remote workers and solo entrepreneurs, as it’s easy to set up and is reliable. Businesses with limited internet connections will also find Ooma’s Essentials Plan doesn’t drain much bandwidth, as it lacks bandwidth-intensive features like video conferencing.


Nextiva’s ease of use, scalable plans, and feature-rich platform make it a great choice for growing businesses, as it can accommodate their changing needs.

Additionally, businesses with teams that frequently collaborate and communicate will benefit from Nextiva’s video conferencing, file sharing, and messaging features, enabling seamless collaboration.

For businesses that frequently make international phone calls, Nextiva offers far more international calling options than Ooma, making it the preferred choice for many organizations.

Get a second opinion from VoIP expert Prince Rich on what he thinks of Nextiva. 

Getting Started With Nextiva Is Easy

When looking at Ooma and Nextiva, it’s clear that Nextiva is a cost-effective, user-friendly choice for small business owners with aspirations to grow. Nextiva offers a wider range of business phone features, particularly when it comes to communication and collaboration.

Nextiva is easy to scale, so it can grow as your business expands, whereas Ooma’s lack of flexibility might become limiting. Additionally, Nextiva consistently receives higher customer support ratings, so customers can rest easy knowing they’ll have 24/7 support along the way.

Learn more about Nextiva small business phone systems.

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