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School system’s director of business services retiring after 22-year career in accounting | Ascension

School system’s director of business services retiring after 22-year career in accounting | Ascension

Ascension Public Schools Director of Business Services Kimneye Cox is retiring on Jan. 2 after a successful 22-year career.

Superintendent Edith Walker thanked Kimneye Cox for her “dedicated service as our business services director.

“Her contributions have been valuable, and we appreciate the hard work and commitment she brought to our organization,” said Superintendent Edith Walker. “We wish her a retirement filled with relaxation and new adventures.”

A path to success

Born and raised in Gonzales, Cox’s educational journey began at East Ascension High School, where she graduated in 1997. Driven by a passion for numbers and knowledge, she furthered her academic pursuits at LSU. In 2001, she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in accounting, coupled with a minor concentration in internal audit.

Cox continued her quest for excellence. In 2004, she obtained a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Phoenix, showcasing her commitment to continuous learning and professional growth. Armed with a solid educational foundation, Cox believed she was well-equipped to make a significant impact in the field of business and education.

In 2019, Cox assumed the role of director of business services for Ascension Parish Schools.

Before joining Ascension Public Schools, Cox previously served as an accountant manager with the Louisiana Department of the State Treasury’s Unclaimed Property Division. Her 22-year career began in 2001 at the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality as a travel/imprest accountant.

In 2005, she moved to the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals as an appropriation accountant. She was promoted to several managerial positions at DHH overseeing the areas of cash management, budgeting, expenditure and cost allocation, and appropriation management units.

Still after these accomplishments, Cox wanted to advance her career, leading her to join Ascension Public Schools.

“During the interview process, commonalities occurred in the areas of service, teamwork, learning and leadership, solidifying that I wanted to be a part of the APS district organization team,” Cox said. “I am a product of APS. This was an opportunity to go back and serve in the education field following accounting and financial best practices and policies to demonstrate prudent stewardship of financial resources so that every student can be provided with the opportunity to succeed in an ever-changing world.”

Career inspiration

Cox’s journey into the field of accounting and business administration was not only a product of her academic pursuits but also a testament to the influence of her high school accounting teacher, Ronda Matthews, Ascension’s current Supervisor of Career and Technical Education.

As Cox’s accounting teacher in high school, Matthews played a pivotal role in shaping her career trajectory. “I absolutely loved mathematics throughout my educational career but Mrs. Ronda changed my entire outlook on my future,” said Cox.

Cox’s initial plan to become a mathematics teacher took a transformative turn when she was introduced to accounting by Matthews.

“Being introduced to accounting and having her as my teacher inspired me to change my career path because accounting was a complex form of math that involved debits, credits, journal entries, general ledgers, etc.,” said Cox. “The complexities captured my fascination, leading me to realize that accounting was my true calling. My guidance and passion for the subject not only ignited my interest but also set me on a path to a fulfilling career as an accountant.”


Cox’s career is adorned with myriad accomplishments, showcasing her dedication to excellence and continuous personal and professional growth.

As a Certified Louisiana School Business Administrator, Cox demonstrated her commitment to mastering the complexities of educational financial management, ensuring the fiscal well-being of Ascension Parish Schools.

Her participation in the Professional Educators Leadership Academy and graduation from the Leadership Ascension Class of 2023 underscore her approach to leadership development, equipping herself with the skills necessary to navigate the landscape of education administration.

As a member of the Association of Government Accountants, Cox served in various leadership positions at chapter and national levels.

Cox was also recognized as the recipient of the Association of School Business Officials International 2022 Emerging Leaders Scholarship.

“Failure is not a choice on my journey. Life has presented me with challenges and obstacles that I’ve met head-on with unwavering perseverance, the strength of prayer, and a steadfast commitment to walk by faith, not by sight,” Cox said.

Up next

As Cox enters the chapter of retirement, she envisions a life with enriching experiences and meaningful contributions. Her plans reflect a desire for exploration and connection as she looks forward to traversing the globe.

She also plans to make new memories with her two nieces and take this time off as an opportunity to give back to the community.

“My journey unfolds with a passport in my hand. I am going to travel, which includes trips to Tulum (2024), Maldives (2025), and Dubai (2026),” said Cox. “Quality time with my two cherished nieces becomes the heartbeat of my days, and the spirit of giving back finds its home in volunteering with nonprofit organizations and at APS.”