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Video Shows a Possible Meteorite Striking a House in California

Video Shows a Possible Meteorite Striking a House in California

The odds of staying strike by a meteorite are astronomically trim, but attempt telling that to a California male who statements a hurtling ball of fire wrecked his house.

“I heard a large bang. I started to scent smoke. I went onto my porch, and it was wholly engulfed in flames,” Dustin Procita of Nevada County in rural Northern California instructed KCRA information.

The Penn Valley Hearth Section responded at all-around 7:30 pm very last Friday night to experiences of a structure fire near Lake Englebright. It took them about four several hours to comprise the hearth, but Procita escaped alive. Unfortunately, his pet Tug was trapped in the house.

“They mentioned it was a meteor. I watched meteor showers and things as a child, but I surely failed to glimpse ahead to them landing in my lawn or as a result of my roof, Procita reported.

Mutliple movies of meteorite action

Locals described seeing a shiny ball slide from the sky and land in the very same region as Procita’s property. Some of the sightings were being recorded on movie.

Meteorites are little rock fragments from asteroids that fall to Earth. When meteorites enter the Earth’s environment, they melt away up and flip into fireballs or “taking pictures stars” called meteors.

There have been quite couple of situations when meteorites have truly struck a individual. In 1954, an Alabama woman named Ann Hodges was napping on her couch when a meteorite tore through her ceiling and strike her facet.

Procita states he feels lucky to be alive.

“They say it is a a person in 4 trillion opportunity, I guess I may possibly be getting a lottery ticket today.”

The hearth section is nevertheless investigating the cause of the fire and should really know in a number of weeks.